Client Name: Mr. Anil Pandita

[LP Design Studio]    Date:     11 January 2024


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Near Lal Kuan Ghaziabad, UP, PIN 201002 India.

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Ajay B: 

“The exceptional service that I have received from PP Design is beyond compare. They are energetic, knowledgeable, pleasant, professional and very helpful. Their product knowledge and attention to detail is an asset to any homeowner or company who is looking for a rewarding transformation to their interior realities. The uniqueness and caring demeanor that they brings to interior design has been a wonderful experience. I highly recommend PP Design Associates, truly remarkable services.”

Jatinder K:
“PP design made my home exactly how i wanted it to be.. beautiful interiors, spacious wardrobes, modular kitchen and my cozy corner where i sit , sip tea and spend my ‘Me time’. They listened to my requirements patiently and provided me the best solutions within my budget.. thanks team, keep going !!”
“This team is expert, in designing, selection of Items, as per Vastu also. Full utilization of free space.”

This team is expert, in designing, selection of Items, as per Vastu also. Full utilization of free space.



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